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Your beloved pet is feeling low-spirited? Maybe now is the time to treat your fluffy companion to a magnificent grooming session at Park & Bark Mobile Grooming! Park & Bark Mobile Grooming is the number one in the field. We have tens and hundreds of satisfied customers – both furry and non furry! Park & Bark Mobile Grooming has been operating since 1979 and during this enormous period of time we built ourselves a reputation of being the cleanest and friendliest pet grooming company in Tucson, AZ and the neighboring areas. As a devoted pet lover you want your four-legged friend to be in a good health, this is why pet grooming is so important. It is essential that they are properly looked after and pampered just the way you would like to be regularly. This is the reason why your best option is to take your pets to Park & Bark Mobile Grooming.

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There is no better and complete mobile grooming service for all pets from all kind of breeds. Contact us and we’ll come to you in no time:

Park & Bark Mobile Grooming
Area served: Tucson, AZ
Phone: (520) 629-9800

Great job!

Jun 25, 2012 by Marry Anne

My gorgeous kitty's coat looks so shiny and soft and she's so clean. These groomers really knows how to treat an animal.
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Park & Bark Mobile Grooming can treat your pet to many of the most stylish grooming services today. Shampooing, brushing and hair trimming are just part of these services. Along with using our mobile pet grooming services you are completely guaranteed that your pets will be treated with only environmentally friendly products and all of our shampooing products will be harmless to your dog or cat’s health. Let your furry babies see that they are indeed important part of your life by spending lavishly amount on money on a luxurious paw care. While we are treating your pet’s paws to a luscious grooming service you can pick from a lot of different procedures like an ordinary claw clipping or go further and let our experienced professionals to paint your furry companions claws. All of our skilled pet groomers will take as much time as needed to help your pet feel like a king or queen. The groomers at Park & Bark Mobile Grooming knows very well that all animals have their distinct needs and demands and we are delighted to do anything to ensure that each client leaves with a smile on the face and looking a lot better than when they came to us.

Park & Bark Mobile Grooming in Tucson works offers the fullest washing services, excellent trained staff and harmless pet soaps needed for your family furry companion. Park & Bark Mobile Grooming stands firmly behind the comfort of pets. We got mobile pet washing stations for all pet sizes from small tubs to the largest dog breed. Our staff of highly experienced pet groomers have a friendly and affectionate touch especially for pets who are far from easy to bathe. Park & Bark Mobile Grooming does not work with raw chemical products; all of the products we have are safe for pets’ skin and coat.

We at Park & Bark Mobile Grooming are looking forward to pamper your pets.

As a full service pet care we do a lot more than just pet washing. Contact us at (520) 629-9800 for anything your pet needs. Come and see for yourself why we are the best of the best in the business.